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Meet the Team
We Are All Crew

Talented Professionals Working Towards One Goal - Inter/Multi Planetary Living.

We Built These Cities, on Earth, Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

We realized that we can build attainable communities internationally with vertical integration and equip them with all the modern amenities for sustainability. 

We intend to build model communities on Earth to exemplify solutions for the housing needs Internationally throughout the World.

Humanity continues on a path of Evolution & Space Travel is normal for us.

Phase 2 of innovation- Beyond this planet when we continue on the Moon, Mars, and Beyond is

to build communities with some of the comforts of a home.

Like when we first dreamed of this back on Earth.  


Space eXploration Arch

Human Supporting Design concepts for Living in Space and Explorations


 We Are All Crew  

International & Multi Planetary

Development Partners

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Icon Build

Phase 2 Moon Element

3d Printed Innovative Communities 

Team: Meet the Team
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